Me, at the End of 2013.

When I started this blog back at the beggining 2012, I was probably very diferent.  So with out reading my previous  “About Me”  post, I will write this and see how I’ve changed.

My favourite colour is glistening turquoise.

I have no hobbies, but in my spare time I am a PC gamer and a veiwer in the YouTube community. I also have a channel with a bunch of people from around Kapiti.

My favourite bands are “My Chemical Romance”  and  “Imagine Dragons”.                                                                                                         Here’s an MCR song just so you can see what they are like

My favourite TV shows are  “Arrow”  “Castle”  “The Mentalist”  “The Walking Dead”  and  “Futurama”.

If  I could have any super power it would be teleportation to any place I like. At any time. Just think how easy it would make transport! Not to mention that dream holiday; from your own couch!

My Future Indie Game

Hey all!

A couple of years ago I had an idea.  I have been thinking about it a bit since then but haven’t managed to come up with much to add.  The decision came to tell my farther about it, and he loved it!  After a little more planning here is what the idea turned out as.

The story is that of a blind man who has discovered an ability he has.  He has discovered a sixth sense.  Basically the way this would affect game play is it would replace eye sight.  Being a first person game, being able to see would be a necessity.  So instead of every thing being bright and colorful, it would be silhouetted and black.  The player would see foot steps as little sonar beacons and anything that makes a sound vibrate.  It would be hard to see but not impossible, giving an awesome atmosphere to the game.  His ability would also allow him to communicate directly to animals’ brains.  The animals he worked with would all be under a hive mind, and he would be the head of the hive.  You would unlock different animals as the game progressed, and every one of them would have some thing separating them from every thing else, by the way they see.  There would be a way to play as and control all the animals in your pack from their perspective, meaning the game would often have a surreal effect.

Here is a list of a bunch of living creatures that could be in it, and how they see.

Snake:  Although snakes can see as humans do, they also see infrared. The snake would be good finding warm spots and people.

Dog:  The dog may be color blind, but that doesn’t stop them from having a keen sense of smell.  The dog would be used to track people.

Shark:  Yes, they too are color blind (Or at least have impaired color vision), but they are fast swimmers and can track blood or movement from a mile away.  The shark would be used for tracking or chasing underwater.

Eagle: The eagle has amazing sight and would give an over view perspective.  You could zoom in on things and scout uncovered areas. The eagle would be used to look around the map.

Bat: Bats have little eye sight and use various clicks and sounds to navigate.  The bat would be used to navigate around corners and fly through small, high places.

I might add extra notes to this post, seeing as I am still thinking about this a lot. Or I might just make some more posts about the subject entirely.


School Camp!

Last term year six – eight went on a school camp at a place up north.  We left as young, eager kids bustling with excitement.  When we came back how ever, each one of us had grown as a person or exceeded our expectations of what we were originally willing to do.  This camp has pushed people to do what I, or they ever expected they could.  I am going to tell you about our fun, challenging and funny story for the 2013 St Patrick’s school camp, Vertical Horizon.

During camp there were three teams.  The Red Vipers, The Blue Crew and The Orange Babenanas.  As you can guess I was in the best one (which will be proved later), and that was Blue. In my team we had Simone, Raymond, Natasha, Josephine, Conner, Brook, Mary and me.


At the camp there were 12 activities we did. Some of them went towards team points, and which ever team had the most points at the end of camp would win. And get chocolate. I will put a star by any activity that put points toward your teams.

  • Orienteering
  • Grass Carts
  • Cat Walk
  • Climbing Wall
  • Three Wire Bridge
  • Initiatives
  • Kayaking
  • Rifles*
  • Archery*
  • Flying Kiwi
  • Raft Building/Racing*
  • Zip Line

My favorite activity was rifling. I really enjoyed it and was tying most accurate in my team with Connor Hepple.




We also had extra activities that didn’t require staying in our teams, which were:

  • Going to New Plymouth pools.
  • Games with Andrew
  • Indoor Hockey
  • Going to the lake
  • Camp Fire
  • Abseiling

I really enjoyed going to the pools because the slides were really high up and extremely fast.  There were two and when I went down the first one I felt kind of scared.  Then, as every one else did I came up again screaming and shouting, enthused by all the excitement.  Within the pool building there were lane pools attached to another pool that went up to 2.1 meters deep!  It also had a rock climbing wall coming out of the pool accompanied with a  two meter high ledge for bombing, rope swinging and just plain jumping into the pool.  So that’s the main pool.  There was also hot pool for kids to relax in, and an even hotter one for the adults.


On Thursday night we had a live concert designed by every one.  It was as funny as we made it and there were about 10 acts.  The adults also did one which was really funny cause they were just taking the piss out of every thing the kids had said during camp (Eg: If my shadow touches the poll does it count? D:).  During the adults act Mr Beatson dressed up as a cow and started running around in the crowd so I jumped on top of him.  After a menacing look from Mr elms though, I stopped.

On Friday we had a very NOT quick clean up and then went to the hall to add up points.  Everyone was worried and excited.  Nervous and happy.

After what seemed like a necessary drum roll, Mr elms announced that the team that came last was… Red! Every one cheered. Even Red team. Which was an amusing thought considering they lost.  That just left Orange and Blue. Long story short Orange was 15 points off getting our chocolate.

After camp we went to a Museum where one person had made lots of life like molds of people, animals and scenery. I loved exploring it because they all looked so real. I really like how he made molds from the size of little figures to scale model people.

A list of things to make lists about.

Here I am making a list of things to make lists about.  Leave a comment saying what other things I could list in my list for you to list in a list!


Favourite things,  colours,  games,  animals,  foods,  ect.


Types of hats.

Things to do when you are bored.

Things to do when you are at the zoo.

Things to do when you are being harassed by a monkey with a cell phone that it is using to take pictures of you so it can put captions on them and put the photos on instagram.

Reasons why lists are annoying.

Reasons why you are socially awkward.

Instruments that you can/can’t play with your feet.

Things that you would do if you only had a day left to live.

First things you would do in a zombie apocalypse.

Reasons why you think we should all wear tinfoil hats.

Well hopefully I see some people using these. If you use a list on your blog,  PUT A LINK TO THIS POST.                                      Neo, out!

Ice Cream!

Here I am going to write seven ice cream flavours that I would like to see in the shelves at the local supermarket.

I am writing this,  not because I had to,  but because I love ice cream.  Also I had to.


Banana cake




Sour lemon


Grape fruit


Pineapple and chocolate


White chocolate

Raspberry and Vanilla

Ten Reasons Why Friends Are Like Potatoes

1: They are a lot of fun to throw down stairs.

2: If you leave them in the fridge too long, they go bad.

3: If you eat them, they die.

4: There’s always a weird one that no one wants.

5: They have no common sense.

6: They would be a lot smarter if they actually had a brain.

7: Potatoes have skin, they have skin, therefore, they are potatoes.

8: If you hit them with a base ball bat enough, they go all squishy.

9: You don’t want them anymore when they have gone cold.

10: They roll around when you kick them hard enough.

The home run

Okay guys so a while ago I wrote a story at school and have now decided to put it on my blog. I have changed it a bit at the end to add some humor but most of it is still the original writing. Tell me what you thought and as always,  hope you enjoy!


Jake was sitting in the bus watching the puddles zoom past and the water splash on every uncovered surface.  It was a raining and he was bored, all he wanted to do was lie down and go to sleep.

The bus stopped.

He slowly pulled himself up and shuffled toward the open doors as rain poured in.  He stepped out cautiously and trotted down the path to his house.

“Hi Jake.” said his mother as he walked inside and removed his wet coat “How was school?”

“Like a sack of jellyfish.” he retorted.  His mother sighed, just before she could start her lecture of how you should always respect your mother, the phone rang and she scurried off to answer.  “I’m free!” he thought as he raced up the stairs.

After changing out of his red and white striped school clothes, he decided there was no better way to get to some rest than going to sleep.  He tumbled into his bed and fell into a deep vast slumber.   He dreamt of carrots.


Fight to the death. With a team?

Hi guys

It has been brought to my attention that there is a new game mode on, this is called “Team Hunger Games” it’s basically like your regular MC-HG except with teams.  Now I know alliances can be formed normally, but in this it’s a bit different.

The lobby

So let’s say you join the sever, you will first choose your kit.   But we’ll talk more about those later. After this you will get a team. Do this by either waiting for some one to add you to their team or using the add command to another player, /t add (Player-name).  The maximum amount in a team is 4 and it’s recommended not to have any less.

Game start

After about eight minutes the game will start and you and your team are spawned next to each other.  You will be frozen for ten seconds so that you can look around and plan where to go.  After that it’s a two minute grace period, so you can get food and find a place to make your fort.  When that’s finished the killing starts.

Feasts and sponsor drops

So as you all know the hunger games has a feast right? Well here it works a little differently. There are lots of feasts through the game with stuff such as diamond, food, iron, buckets of lava and/or water, potions and other various items of use.  The feasts will be announced five minutes before they start along with their coords.

There are also sponsor drops.  These are awarded to teams getting high amounts of kills.  The coords will be given to all members of the team when they are dropped. 

The kits

Information still to come.

End game

If for a certain amount of time no one dies, there will be something called “Death match” this is where all the remaining  players get teleported to one area of the map with their teams (If any of their team members are still alive) and have to fight. Around that time the force field will slowly enclose, pushing the players closer together encase they run from the others.                                                                                 When it’s just one team left, the game will be over, and congratulations to whoever won.



The Skelly Wagers

Hi there, it’s Neo.

I am writing this for you, the reader. This post is to make you aware of an up in coming YouTube channel called “The Skelly Wagers”. The only difference between this channel and other ones, is that I am a part of it.

The types of videos we post are funny, violent, stop motion and occasionally serious. We plan to put on Lets plays of games like Minecraft when I get Fraps  (A computer program used for recording your screen.)

So far we have put on twelve videos, such as “WTF SkitZ” and a more serious video, “Operative Down” Here is an example of our first video.

If you like this video or think you might like the others as well please go to the following link and subscribe with your personal YouTube account. Click this it’s a link!

An interesting word

Hey guys.

Recently, I used a certain word when I was at school, and the person I was talking to asked what it means. Now I thought this was a commonly known word, but as it would turn out, no one in the class knew what it means. This word is sadistic.

For those of you who do not know what this means, it is a characteristic describing someone who takes pleasure from extreme cruelty  to others and/or has obsessions with dead animals.

Image: ‘A Keepsake for My Granddaughter 4/24/12

I think this is a perfect example for the word sadistic.

This photo symbolizes a book called “The Hunger Games” in which there are 24 boys and girls forced to fight to the death until there is only one left. The reason I have chosen this photo is because I need an example for my interesting word, and making people fight to the death seems like a worthy example.

So you could easily see how the makers of the hunger games are sadistic.